about a boy and a girl

once upon a time, there's a boy who have a friend a girl. Somehow, they get along to each others as a friend. The boy was admired the girl, and fall in love to the girl. The girl know that the boy like her, but she have someone that she like already. So that, she didn't like if the boy falling love in her. And One day she said this to the boy :
"Boy, i don't want to marry you, at least it's destiny"
(aku gak mau nikah sama kamu, kecuali itu sebuah takdir...)
the boy hearth was broken at that time... what's wrong being fall in love, God? deep inside heart yell to the God...
a few days later, when the boy have chance to reply the pain that he got from the girl he said this to the girl :
" You know what, i don't want to marry you either, at least the horse eat iron"
(ya biarpun jaman kuda makan besi, aku gak akan suka sama kamu kok!!)

the boy and the girl now in even position...


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